Sunday, April 12, 2015

The weather was beautiful this weekend, so I took a break from fender work to prep some parts for epoxy primer since I could spray outside.

The rear doors I'm using are from a 1997, which had locking pins in the bottom corner.  My 1994 doesn't have these, so I'm welding the holes in the door.

Along with shaving this hole, I'm smoothing out some of the other areas of the door jamb.

The door jamb stampings aren't perfect from the factory, there are a lot of wrinkles and imperfections.  I hammered and puttied around a little bit to clean them up.

My epoxy primer of choice.

I laid the first coat a little light, then followed with a full wet coat.

I also stripped and primered the door hinge bolts.  I will be assembling the doors and painting over the hinges.

I only sprayed the front edge of the passenger side front door.  This was a brand new OEM door, so I only had to prime the area under the hinges which is bare from the factory.

I also primed the pillars where the hinges will bolt.  Since I'm painting over the hinges, I wanted some epoxy primer under the bolted joints to prevent rust from creeping out under the paint.

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