Monday, April 27, 2015

New tools!

I bought a set of Snap-on 1/4" drive hex bit sockets.  My socket drawer is just about complete!

There isn't a lot of room left!

The control arms and trunk hinges I sent for media blast came back, they turned out OK.  They're not perfectly clean, but I can get the rest with a wire wheel in a few minutes.

A whole pile of parts and supplies arrived!  I ordered a fuel rail and fuel pressure regulator mount from Bahn Brenner Motorsports.  These pieces are pretty nice!  They have been out of stock for years, and they finally started producing them again.

All of the milling marks will be polished out, then anodized, then painted.

SAE -6 O-ring boss ports all around!

A bunch of fancy new abrasives showed up from McMaster, these will come in handy for my next project involving the control arms.

I ordered some super thin stainless steel sheet.  I plan on plating all of the hood hinge mounting surfaces so I can adjust or remove the hood without chipping any paint.  I'm going to bond sections of this thin sheet directly to the steel and then paint around it.

This is what the area under the hood hinge looked like.  This was just filled with seam sealer from the factory, but I decided to weld it.

I made a template and cut out the driver side piece first.  I wasn't quite happy with the radius where it intersects with the vertical seam, I wanted a softer bend radius.

I clamped a piece of scrap 16ga steel onto the back of it and bent them together, which achieved the larger radius.

Before on the left, and after on the right.

Much better!  This will be much tighter to the factory steel once it's clamped and bonded in place.

With the fenders in place, this will be a small subtle modification that should improve the overall look without being too loud.

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