Sunday, May 3, 2015

This weekend I finished plating all of the hinge surfaces with stainless steel.

After adding the thickness of this plating, I had to make a few modifications to the hinges.  I cut 1/16" off of the outer edge of the hinges to allow for a little more adjustment.

I made a few more pieces, including this piece which will plate the hood where the hinge bolts up.

After getting everything in place, I bonded it with Fusor 112B structural adhesive.

Here are all of the hinges clamped and glued.

After letting it cure overnight and removing the clamps, there was glue everywhere!

I spent some time trimming the edges of the hinges and drilling out the holes so the stainless perfectly matches the original steel pieces.  The stainless plating is covered in green tape here.

Fast forward a few steps - everything is cleaned and installed!  Of course the finished product will be assembled with all stainless steel bolts, so this should look pretty clean.

I also dug out my hood prop rod, which I built a few years ago.  It still works!

Moving on with the hood, I cut some filler pieces for the windshield squirter holes.


TIG welded in place.  I tried to keep the weld as small and cool as possible to minimize warping.


There were a few small ripples from the heat, so I added a skim coat of putty.

And bodywork begins!

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