Sunday, November 25, 2012

My buddy Chuck came out this weekend, he needed some lathe help to build a cam bearing tool for LS motors.  He's building an LS-swapped E36; check it out:

I fired up the Jet superlathe.

This was my first time turning wood on a lathe!  It turned out OK I think lol.

The completed tool.  This holds the cam bearings while they're being pressed into the block.  The wood ball is to keep the tool concentric with the other bearing bores.

The glue has cured on my firewall, so I welded it in place.  I welded it in ~15 spots around the outside, about 1/2" long each.

I sanded off all the urethane adhesive that oozed out of the crack.  Now that it's welded, I was able to remove the last 5 bolts that were holding it in place.

I cut filler plates for the bolt holes out of 18ga steel plate.

I slowly welded them in, tacking in one spot and letting everything cool down before moving to the next weld.

All welded up!  I think the metalwork is officially done now, all that's left is putty and paint.

To protect the welds from the back side, I used Transtar Amber Rustproofing. 

Now for the putty and sand cycle..



...rinse and repeat!

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