Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I checked the contact area of the fittings I'm using for the master cylinder.  On the left is the contact area of the Earl's adapter I'm using, and on the right is the contact area of a metric ISO bubble flare.

Here is the contact area down inside the master cylinder fitting.  I would prefer a little wider contact band, but these fittings are supposed to work with bubble flare fittings.

I bent up a few more test pieces with scrap steel line.

I decided to cut down the master cylinder studs coming out of the brake booster.  There was a heat shield from the factory that I'm no longer using which required these long studs, but they were getting in the way of my lines.

More practice bends.

Now that I'm happy with the shape, I started copying the measurements using the stainless tubing. 

My Imperial 400-F flaring tool makes beautiful 37º single flares in stainless.  After using this flaring tool, it makes my OTC bubble/double flaring tools seem like junk.

Scrap steel on the top, stainless on the bottom.  Mistakes are $28 each now!

Good thing I started with the scrap steel lines before transferring to Stainless!

The first two lines are done from the master cylinder down to the firewall.  I'll finish the back half of the bends, then I will do the driver side (LF and RF lines).

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