Sunday, January 5, 2014

I made a few brackets for the power steering lines.

Tacked together.  The plate is 304 stainless and the fitting is 316 stainless. Rather than buy $30 bulkhead fittings that fit into a bracket, I bought the $7 union fittings and welded them directly to the bracket.  Because it's all stainless, it doesn't need to be painted or plated.

I made another bracket that bolts through one of the tooling holes in the engine block.  This will mount the engine-side of the power steering line.

I turned the hex off of this fitting in my lathe.

I visited Bill Lewis today, and he welded them all up for me!

Now this should make a bit more sense.  The hardline on the engine side goes from the power steering pump into this bracket, then a piece of hydraulic hose connects the bracket, and then the hardline on the chassis-side goes into the steering rack.  The factory line ran over top of the engine, mine is semi-hidden underneath.

This line may be replaced with something sexier in the future.  Right now it's just a cheapo SAE 100 R2 hydraulic hose.

Now that the power steering lines are complete, I started plumbing the brake lines.  This is just a mockup with scrap steel line, once I get the shape I want figured out I will redo everything in stainless steel. 

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