Sunday, February 2, 2014

I bought some more Fragola master cylinder adapters. 

Double flares or Bubble flares??  The part number says bubble, the bag says otherwise lol.

I kept on bending up brake lines.  This is the right front line bent up in aluminum for practice.  I bent this one in 4 pieces, carefully measuring every bend before transferring the measurements to the stainless steel tubing.

Then I bent the real lines - 304 stainless steel.

I bent up the left front line and added some P-clamps.

All done.  I still have to make the final bends in the wheel wells that will connect to the braided hoses and calipers, but I'm still waiting on some bulkhead fittings and my brake calipers. 

While the motor was out, I decided to finish the firewall section of my heat shield. 

I made this hammerform out of Birch plywood.

This piece also had a bead-rolled flange just before the bend.  I decided I didn't like the look after fitting it up.

So I made another one.

... and it wasn't good enough, so I made another one.

After the 3rd hammerform and 4th stainless piece, I decided to rethink my method a little bit.  The first two hammerforms (and 2 pieces) were flawed because the hammerform wasn't cut perfectly.  The 3rd hammerform was perfect... but there were two voids in the plywood which created soft spots that couldn't support the hammer blows, which made the bend radius uneven and ruined the look.  I was thinking it was just my hamering technique, until I inspected the plywood and found two spots that I could compress with my finger due to gaps in one of the plies.  I didn't even pretend to try and photograph this.  I bought a chunk of solid Red Oak and a Freud 1/8" radius roundover bit, so I have no excuses on the 4th hammerform and 5th piece! 

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