Sunday, February 2, 2014

I haven't stopped working on the car, but I have been terrible about updating this.  I finally straightened out some computer issues, I'm back in action.

Last weekend, I went to World of Wheels here in Pittsburgh.  Here are some of my favorites.

This was my favorite vehicle of the show. 

I couldn't snag a clean photo through the crowd, but these two cars were badass.

I snagged a photo of Jason's whip.  Wrinkle red!

So I built my entire engine with either ARP stainless bolts OR lathe-turned hex head bolts.  This guy built his hot rod suspension with lathe-turned ARP stainless bolts.  One upped.

... and he won a Ridler award for it lol. 

I also bought another hammer.  This is one of the few I need to complete my colection. After this hammer, I really only need 1 more to consider my collection "complete."  This hammer and the last one are both completely useless, I'm only pursuing them in an effort to have the complete set.  They're still available new, but I can't justify new prices ($100 each) so I'm waiting for bargains to pop up on eBay. 

This is a 1991 Snap-on BF631 shrinking hammer.  I might use the chisel end, but not the shrinking face.  It was a little rough, but still had the original handle.  I can't complain for the price!

It cleaned up surprisingly well!  The rust was just surface rust, I was able to remove it all with some WD40 and Scotch-Brite in about 10 minutes.

The chisel end was pretty rough, so I filed it straight.

The original handle was loose, but I was able to tap the wedge tight and save the original handle. 

I think I can squeeze one more in there!

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