Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I'm continuing on with my brake lines.

The factory brake line brackets are ugly, but more importantly they're not compatible with the AN fittings I'm using.

I machined a few aluminum adapters on my lathe.

I trimmed the factory brake fitting tabs and installed my -3AN bulkhead fittings with the adapters I made.

I decided to switch gears to work on the shift linkage for a little while. 

The mockup transmission I'm using has all of the internals removed, including the selector shaft.  It's shown here, it's the splined shaft in the center of the photo.

I ended up making a mockup selector shaft to use in my mockup block. 

I threw the rest of the shift linkage together so I can make a plan to rebuild it all.

In the meantime, Woody didn't waste any time tearing into his '72!

Motor out.

Motor gone!

I got my '62 registered and plated.  Now I just have to pass inspection!  But first I have to build a tailgate haha.

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