Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Since I bought this old Ford truck, I realized I don't have any large english-size sockets! 

I went to Sears and managed to piece together a full set of US made 1/2" drive 6-point shallow sockets.  All of the new ones are made in China, so I had to dig to find the last full set (including the extras). 

I had to shuffle around my socket drawer a little bit.  I still need to get some 1/2" drive deep english sockets, since apparently I need them now.

Last week I finished the last piece of my heat shield, but realized that I had embossed the edge of my protective film into the surface.

I decided to cut a 2nd layer which will simultaneously cover this mistake and mimic the double-layer look of the factory firewall. 

I decided to plug weld it in from the rear so the welds aren't visible.  I laid out a pattern of tiny holes in the formed piece.


Welded in place!  With this weld, my heat shield / exhaust project is FINALLY finished!

I plopped the engine back in to get a look at the finished product.

All of that work... and this is what you can see lol.

In related news, Woody's truck arrived!  He bought this 1972 GMC pickup from a guy in California and had it shipped.  I only managed to snap one picture, but this thing is totally badass!  It's an order of magnitude nicer than my Ford, I can't wait to see what he does with it.

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