Sunday, May 11, 2014

As you may have noticed, I started buying tools again and I can't stop. 

I bought a 1-1/4" Kobalt impact socket and Snap-on 9/16" impact socket to fill my set, and two Snap-on 1/4" drive extensions (1-1/2" and 11" long) along with the tray to complete another set.  I also bought a few Craftsman socket rails.

Now I have a full set of 1/4" drive extensions neatly organized in a tray.  It takes up a little bit more room, but it's worth the price to keep everything in place.

Jimmy's employer moved out of their building, and they were selling a lot of used office equipment.  We didn't see any zombies, but it looked like a scene out of a post apocalyptic movie.

I ended up with three Knoll lateral files.  These things have ball bearing drawer slides, full height internals, and all sorts of welded steel gussets.  They're every bit as sturdy as mechanics toolboxes, so I loaded them up!

I can't believe how much stuff these hold and still roll smooth!  This is my VW shock and strut collection for future mad scientist projects. There is also an alternator, wiper linkage, and a handful of motor mounting brackets in there.

Fro came out to the shop this weekend for some gunsmithing.  We just had to swap around some AR-15 hand grips.

Skid'o'guns.  LaRue PredatOBR and some Palmetto State AR-15s.  'Murica.

Since I haven't made good progress on my own shit, I figure I'll keep posting everyone elses stuff.

Woody received his Porterbuilt suspension setup for the '72 GMC pickup he's building.  This stuff is really nice!  It's a complete bolt-on air suspension setup that will lay the truck on the ground.  Fro supervises.

I've seen a lot of aftermarket parts in my day, but this stuff is some of the best I have ever seen.  Everything is really, really well built. 

Very nice squirtgun welds on some of the heavy stuff

Some of the more intricate parts are TIG welded.  These guys can weld, that's for damn sure!

So really the only work I've done myself is struggle with my hydraulic system plumbing.  I just can't visualize something that will look good, and it's going to be really difficult to snake 3/8 x .049" stainless steel tubing around the independent rear suspension, fuel cell, and exhaust.  I bent up a few test pieces, and I think I have some ideas now, I just have to start bending some tubing and hope for the best.

I did cruise my '62 Ford to my grandma's house today for Mother's day. 

I also stopped by to visit my uncle, and I snapped a pic next to his 1968 Checker Aerobus.

Check out this badass VHS collection that my mom and grandma dug up.  This is what started it all!!  I should build a fucking monster truck when the Jetta is finally done.

That's all for now.  Hopefully I can get some real work done this week.

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