Sunday, May 18, 2014

So I have been collecting Snap-on body hammers for a few years, and I almost have the full and complete set.  I recently won two hammers on eBay, now I only have one remaining!  The first is a BF610 shrinking hammer, which has one square and one round face.  This hammer is still available new today, but it's over $100 and it is a shape that I will never use.  I have been watching eBay for years for a super cheap one, and I finally found one for $14 shipped! 

This model is an un-dated Blue Point, I think it's probably from the 1950s. 

The second hammer is a BF619.  As far as I know these were only branded as Blue Point, never Snap-on.  I don't know what era these were made, but I think they were all pre-war.

 The only hammer I have left is the BF635 door skin hammer.  This is another one that's still available today, but I'm waiting for a cheap one to come around.

More new tools!  I ordered a Lancaster shrinker and some 1/8" cleco pins.  I got another set of $5 imported Cleco pliers because my last $5 imported pair was total crap.  These are even worse.  I have searched high and low for a decent quality version of these pliers, and they don't seem to exist.  I think the pros use a pneumatic tool.

I welded up a stand to hold the shrinker in my vise.  I don't have room to store a standalone floor-mounted setup, so this will do for now.

I've prepared the shop for a weekend of metal shaping, I plan on doing a lot of rust repair on my old Ford.

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