Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I welded in the rocker and ground the weld smooth.  I was able to salvage the outside edge, which is visible below the door.

I aligned the step plate and clamped it down, then welded it in place.

The cab support was toast, so I made a new one.

I cut a piece of 18 gauge for the floor, added a few bends, and started tacking it in.  I'm going to make a separate piece for the center section, I just couldn't get to it tonight.

I have been working much faster than usual on this project, since I'm much more concerned with getting it finished than I am with the quality.  I usually wait a little longer between welds... but tonight I exceeded the duty cycle of my welder.  I managed to melt two .023" tips, they got really hot and started to sag.  And that grinder wheel started out as 4-1/2" diameter, now it's about 1-1/4"!

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