Sunday, October 5, 2014

It has been an extremely busy two weeks for me, so this will be a long update.

I booked a trip to H2O International  a few weeks ago, but had to repair a few things on my Rabbit before the trip.  I replaced the passenger side door lock module and the auxiliary radiator cooling fan.  These German electronics are so reliable!  Replacing the door lock module means removing the exterior door skin, which is a little unnerving but actually not that difficult.

I cruised down to H2O with Fro, and we stayed with our buddy Nunzo and his Lincoln.

This year we stayed on 115th street in a high-rise condo.  The weather was absolutely beautiful!  The view from the room was pretty cool as well.

There were a lot of really nice cars at H2O this year... but I forgot to take pictures of them!  Here are a few that I happened to snag.  This MK3 cabrio was really clean and well built.

There was a lot more wacky non-VW junk cruising around town this year.  The wing on this Miata was not exactly structurally sound.  I think it would fold if it produced any actual downforce.

I went to visit these two cars.  The one on the left is a twin turbo VR6 MK3 Jetta which uses a combination of Audi, BMW, and custom parts to make the beast rear wheel drive.  The car made its debut last year, but wasn't complete.  This year it was complete and running, and took home a well-deserved best of show!  This was, by a large margin, the most well built car at the show.

The car on the right was no joke either - RHD conversion, turbocharged VR6, and a really clean engine bay.

Here are some pictures from the show.

This engine bay was pretty wacky, but clean and well built.

Wrinkle Red!!!

This Jetta was really clean and simple.  I like it.

There were a lot of really nice MK2s.

Here is another shot of the TT RWD VR6 Jetta that took top honors.

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