Thursday, November 20, 2014

I finished building my fuel tank this weekend.  I assembled the Aeromotive Phantom in-tank pump setup, which is a pretty nice piece.  I'm also using a JAZ level sensor.

The Aeromotive pump setup includes its own foam and rubber baffle setup, which makes the tank fabrication much simpler.  It even includes a fixture to stuff the foam into the tank without cutting it on the sharp edges.

All buttoned up with stainless fasteners and gaskets.  I'm waiting on a few -6 O-ring boss plugs before I can pressure test the assembly, but I'm sure it will be fine.

I made this fan shroud a few years ago, and I'm finally getting back to it.  I decided to clean it up a little bit.  Previously the beams or legs were open on the inside, but I decided to close them in.

I got it a little too hot during the welding, and the entire thing shrunk and puckered up!

I cut it back apart, ground all of the welds, and straightened out the flat panel.  The next step is to weld the panel to the fan mounts.

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