Sunday, November 9, 2014

I officially finished all of the brake lines and hydraulic lines this weekend.  I had to finish one bend and flare for the right rear brake line, and I also added a few P-clamps.

The old P-clamps were mounted a little higher, these ones are closer to the bend.

I also added P-clamps to all of the 3/8" hydraulic plumbing.  These are rubber-lined stainless steel, and they mount through an M5 rivnut.

All of the hydraulic lines are done, so I removed them from the car and capped all of the ends.

Speaking of rivnuts, I replaced some more of the factory threaded studs with rivet nuts.  The stock clips and sheet metal nuts don't look very good, now I can use stainless bolts.

I spent a lot of time cleaning up a bunch of old welds under the car.  These were all welded 6-7 years ago, and I'm not real proud of most of them!

Some of them I'm re-welding, others I'm just grinding smooth.

So occasionally Pandora plays this song... and it always seems like the line "the surface shines, while the inside rots" plays at the exact moment I'm doing something I'm not proud of haha.  The last few times have been while I was re-painting some part I didn't rebuild internally, and this time I'm grinding off shitty old porous welds so they look nice.  Fuck you, Rise Against, I'll make my car shiny if I want.

Grinding over your head sucks.  My eyes and lungs are itchy.

I welded a few more patch panels under the car - these are the last ones.  I forgot to take 'before' pictures, but these areas were all smashed up.

I welded one more patch panel in the interior, and I think I'm officially done with patch panels!  Maybe one more in the trunk, but this is about it.

I threw the motor assembly back into the car, because the next steps are going to be bodywork.  I'm starting with the radiator support, I plan to modify it and clean it up a little bit.

I also need to finalize the fuel line routing once I get the fuel rail in place.

Woody and Sr. have made a lot of progress on their trucks.

The shop is clean and showing a lot of progress!

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