Sunday, November 2, 2014

New tools!  I bought a 3/8' - 1-1/4" set of SK deep impact sockets, a gigantic punch, and a few freebies from "SK Day" sponsored by the Garage Journal forums and Harry Epstein.  SK went through a bankruptcy a few years ago, and has emerged with a state-of-the-art factory in Illinois.  They brought all production back to the US, and they're committed to making top quality tools here in the states.  This set has replaced the last remaining imported socket set I had in my toolbox.

I had to replace the cooling fan in my welder.  It has been slowly dying over the last few weeks, and it finally quit running.  I was able to get the parts in one day from my Miller distributor, and I could have had it same-day if I was really in a hurry for it.

I finished up the fuel filler neck guard, trimmed all of the edges, and finish welded all of the joints.

I'm sending all of the steel parts for the fuel system out for sandblasting and primer.  Most of these pieces have remnants of my old undercoating, which needs to go, and the sandblaster will reach places I can't easily get with a wire wheel.

I had two more brackets to build before I could consider the fuel system complete.  This one is underneath the rear passenger seat, it will mount the bulkhead fittings for the return and vent lines, as well as hold the fuel filter for the supply line.  I made it out of 304 stainless so I don't have to deal with paint since these fittings will spew raw fuel during installation/removal/service.

I'm not too excited about the T-bolt clamp, I'm going to find something that looks a little better.

I also had to built a bulkhead in the engine bay where the supply and return lines will pass through in their route to the fuel rail.  I made a paper template, then transferred it to 18ga steel.

It's hard to see with the shadows in my photo, but this bracket was designed to match the power steering bulkhead on the driver side.

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