Sunday, April 29, 2012

I got a few more parts ready and painted them today.

This is a coolant pipe.  I replaced one of the hose barbs with a -10 AN fitting, I had it TIG welded on.


More supplies!  The adhesion promoter is for bare plastic parts.  I'm going to try it out on the timing belt covers.

Speaking of timing belt covers, after getting all the grease off I cleaned them with SEM Scuff and Clean.

We took a break from working for a quick ride in Rusty, the old 1994 Toyota that lives at the shop.  It isn't roadworthy anymore... but it's fieldworthy!

Safety first.

The Snell certification says 1975!


In related news, we got a new shop fridge today!

Hazmat was called to remove the container of unknown substance.

Beer snobs beware!  This arrived at the shop as a joke and I drank it on a dare... it really is as bad as it sounds.  Beast is smooth by comparison.

Back to work.  I made a fixture to paint the brake booster.

This is how I'm racking the pulleys, that way there are no exposed seams or paint edges.

Similar setup on the timing pulley cover.  Take note of this beautiful weld.

In the booth

The plastic parts turned out pretty good.  This is only primer, they need some finish work before paint.

This isn't  a great picture, but the brake booster has a ton of dust in the finish.  I forgot to clean my painting fixture and it was flaking crap all over the fresh paint.  I'll try again next time!

The next step is to take apart the alternator for paint.  I started with the pulley.  I had to counterhold the center shaft (10mm triple square) while removing the 24mm nut holding the pulley on.

I homebrewed up a tool


Now I have to figure out how to remove all this.

I discovered yesterday that Wendy's now has Mac'n'Cheese!  What a glorious day.

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