Sunday, April 8, 2012

I had a batch of parts sandblasted by Bill Lewis, a local guy that does sandblasting and TIG welding for me.

Fro came over to borrow my vise and heat gun to do some work on his shotgun.

I went to Harbor Freight and bought some junk.  My "junker" 1/2' torque wrench broke a few months ago so I bought a new one to replace it.  These things work well for lug nuts and less critical fasteners, it was $20 with a Supercoupon!  The gasket punch set got good reviews online, and I have gone without a transfer punch set for too long.

I modified a few of the brackets I had sandblasted.  This is a weight for the clutch arm.

After some welding and grinding:

I modified the clutch actuator arm too.  This is the before:

I cut a tube in half and hammered it to match the shape of the arm.

Metal work finished:

I modified a few of the shift linkage parts too.  It's likely that nobody will notice these little details, but they will contribute to the overall look.




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