Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Jetta's starter bolts are 4-1/2" long and thread into the motor mounting bracket.  I can't get metric stainless fasteners long enough, so I'm converting to English threads.

Here are the three M10 nuts welded on the stock bracket:

I made these on my lathe with 3/8-24 threads.

I'm going to have these TIG welded on, which I can't do myself.

I pulled the drive flanges off of my spare trans, I will paint these and install them on my transmission.  I had to cut the OEM pieces to get paint to flow around them, so they need replaced.

I cleaned up the starter today.  The flange is aluminum, the case is steel,  and the end is plastic.  The whole mess was painted with some sort of really weak paint, most of it flaked off pretty easily.

Woody had to pull the motor in his beetle to re-torque the cylinder head bolts, which apparently stretch and need re-torqued every so often.   Thanks Wheeler Dealers' for the toolbox idea!

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