Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tonight I replaced all the transmission bolts with ARP stainless steel 12-point fasteners.  Standard stainless steel bolts (18-8 or 316) aren't very strong, they don't meet SAE Grade 5 (Metric 8.8) or Grade 8 (10.9).  These ARP bolts are a little stronger than grade 8, and they look awesome!

Before paint, I removed all the OEM bolts and replaced them with flat head screws, designed for countersunk holes.  This lets the paint build up under the normal bolt head so you don't see a paint edge from the old bolts.

When you remove the bolt, the paint goes almost all the way to the hole with a nice clean edge.  Note: this picture is the end cap of the trans, which was still textured before paint.  The right side of the picture was sanded smooth, and the left side had the casting texture.  This gives a good idea of how it would have looked if I didn't sand everything. 

Here is a blurry pic of the new bolt.  These come in highly polished, I knocked down the gloss level with some scotch brite.

I had to use a torque adapter to properly torque some of the case bolts.

Here are some more "finished" trans pics

I still have to paint the vent, vehicle speed sensor, and reverse detent then it will be totally done.

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  1. Cannot wait to see this engine together. Hurry up already. This deserves its own photo shoot once assembled.