Sunday, April 15, 2012

I repositioned the TV so I could watch the Pens game from my lathe.

New tools! 

I got another batch of engine parts painted this weekend. 

I masked the sealing surfaces on both sides of the oil cooler to prevent sealing issues or paint chips in the oil stream.

I made a bunch of hooks to make racking easier.  This is just 1/8" steel rod welded to 1/4" washers.

Oil filter housing

Serpentine belt tensioner

All strung up and epoxy primed with PPG DP40LF

Painted!  This stuff is all the same satin black I used on the engine block and transmission.

Get a good look at this oilpan while it's fresh, it will be dented and scratched before I get the car out of the parking lot!


  1. I'm glad you didn't have any lathe disasters while watching that Pens game!

  2. That Pens game was a disaster itself :(