Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I went to the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix this weekend for an hour or two.  I wasn't really feeling it this year so I didn't stick around long.

Wrinkle red on Jason's Subaru

Wrinkle red on an Acura NSX

Maserati steps it up... wrinkle red AND wrinkle gold.  Wrinkle motherfucking gold!

Back to business.

I got some new parts and supplies.  For the satin black, I'm switching from PPG Omni M148 flattening agent to PPG OneSource SU4985.

I had to plug the holes in the A/C compressor without blocking any paint flow around the area.

So I fashioned this contraption, which seals the oil in and masks all surfaces and threads simultaneously, without blocking any paint.

I got a bunch of parts sanded, wiped down, and hung in the paint booth, but I ran out of time to paint tonight.

Thermostat housing, A/C receiver-dryer, and A/C compressor

Lower timing cover and starter motor

Starter solenoid

Some random stud and the serpentine belt tensioner arm.

I hauled the block back into the paint booth.  I didn't install off-road tires on my engine cart, so I used the forklift to cruise through the grass.

Here I'm deep in thought, wondering how difficult a propane SR20DET swap would be.

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