Sunday, July 15, 2012

I started installing some parts on the block. 

I decided to paint the spot around the breather cover and oil filter flange.  This is just bare steel from the factory.  I wanted to wait until the parts were installed so I could paint right up to the edges.

I started mocking up the engine accessories.  I have to order a few more bolts before final assembly, but everything fits up as it should.

I wasn't happy with the paint on the starter, so I decided to tear it apart and start over.

Here was the worst spot.  The edge between the teal and black wasn't very nice, and chipped in some spots.

The guts

I busted out some Aircraft remover.  This stuff is absolutely wicked.

After aircraft remover:

After some sanding, it's ready for epoxy primer.

Woody got a new ride for this winter!  Apparently you can get good deals on snowmobiles in July.

Remember this table I built a few months ago to prep the transmission on?

Now that I have the new motor stand, I didn't need it.

I spent some time cleaning the shop.

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