Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I swapped around some engines on their stands.  My custom stand holds the motor from below, the orange stand holds it from the side.  I had to hold the real block from the side to install the oilpan... now I need to hold it from below to install the clutch.

I installed the seal shield and pressed in the guide pins that align the transmission to the block.

Torquing the pressure plate bolts was a little sketchy, I thought my stand was going to collapse under the force.

I was working alone, so I braced the crankshaft bolt against the stand on the other side of the motor.

After they get torqued, they get turned another 1/4 turn.  These are REALLY tight.

I turned down some more bolt heads and bolted the waterpump to the waterpump housing.

Tonight I got the engine block and transmission bolted together and installed on my new custom engine stand.

The real bolts are on backorder, so I had to use the stock bolts temporarily.  To prevent damaging the paint, I turned some delrin washers.  Also, it's crazy how dusty everything becomes in my shop. 

I'm just using a dummy starter (partial starter, rather) and front engine mounting bracket for now.  I wasn't happy with the paint on the real starter, so I need to strip it down and start from scratch.

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