Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Our buddy Timmy stopped out at the shop with his Hemi

Actually his real Hemi was in the shop getting a footprint gas pedal installed.  This is only his beater.

Neel took a break from building rocket ships and came all the way from California to wrinkle some red!  We stopped at the CMU Formula SAE garage to check out last year's car.

Check out this totally badass hardfacing I spotted while sitting in construction traffic. 

You just got killed by a Daewoo Lanos, motherfucker!

OK back to work.  New tools!  Schwaben ignition coil puller set for VW/Audi vehicles.

We swapped out the coil packs in Fro's GTI

I stopped to get some lumber for the next project.  I allllllmost could have fit 10' lengths!

All sawed up

coming together, as Fro observes.

My custom engine mounting stand is almost complete!   At least it should make some sense now.

Fro took a break for some gunsmithing.  Remember the SAT's?  Fazz:tools as Fro:guns. 

Back to work again.  You might have noticed I date all of my supplies... I found this can of polyurethane that must have come from my Dad.  It's older than the Jetta! 

All shined up!

That's all for tonight.  Maybe some teal tomorow!

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