Sunday, July 8, 2012

I painted some more parts yesterday in the extreme heat. 

90 in the booth!

The cylinder head was the main part I wanted to paint.  The block and valve cover here are both scrap, they're only being used to mask the surfaces of the head. 

This is how I trim the tape around surfaces.  I pay the tap overhanging and trim it with a fine file.

waterpump housing all masked:

All painted.  This stuff is all satin black to match the block, transmission, and all the little brackets I have painted so far.

Throttle body damper.  I wish the boot was black, but I believe it's silicone to handle the heat because it's above the header. 

Waterpump, waterpump housing, and I repainted the top half of the oil cooler

A few months ago I painted the oil cooler, but masked off a little too much.  After assembling it you could see a big unpainted area, so I repainted it. 

Here was the old masked area:

Now it's all black.  I taped off the bottom half, the paint match isn't perfect but it's not bad.

I got the oil pump, oil pan gasket/baffle, and oilpan installed on my real block.

New stainless steel bolts, with the heads turned flat and stainless washers.

I installed casters on my engine cart, the block and trans will be ready to bolt together this week. 

I cut pads to put on the top of my engine stands.   I cut these out of 1/8" thick adhesive backed gasket foam.

My Rabbit passed 80,000 miles this week!

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