Sunday, August 26, 2012

I went to the Iron City Bike Night last week in downtown Pittsburgh.

I only took two pictures, there were a lot of stock-ish Harley's but this cover stood out.

I went to the Starlite car cruise in Wexford, PA Friday night.  Of the ~2000 cars that attended, here are some highlights.

Viper ACR

Cool old pickup.  It would be cooler if it was ~12" lower.

I thought of Jason when I saw this mint old Omni!

Then I rounded the corner... and look what I found!

Billy's high school dream car.

I approached this from the side - two turbos!

Then I walked to the other side... FOUR TURBOZZZ!!!!

Badass Dodge dually.

Back to work.  I finished sanding the front engine crossmember, it's ready for primer.

I had a little bit of a scare this week, I noticed one of the scratches on my engine block looked a lot like a crack. 

I bought a dye penetrant test kit to check it out.

Let the penetrant soak in

Then wipe off the penetrant and spray it with developer.  If a crack is present, the penetrant will wick out of the crack and turn the developer red.

False alarm!  Tis but a scratch.

Here is what a real crack looks like.  I cracked the edge of this waterpump housing, around the hole.

I needed to make a bolt for the power steering pump pivot.  The OEM bolt is an M11 shoulder bolt, which isn't available in stainless steel to match all my other bolts.  I bought a larger bolt, turned it down, and re-threaded it to the smaller thread.

The kitties helped.

From left to right - the original steel bolt, the stainless bolt I started with, and the finished pivot bolt.

I turned a few more bolt heads for the alternator, A/C compressor, and power steering pump mounting brackets.

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