Sunday, August 12, 2012

New tools!  I visited the Snap-on man for the first time in months.  This is a locking 3/8" extension, 11" long.


I got a bunch of parts masked and cleaned for paint.  I punched some round pieces of tape to mask the fittings on the back of the A/C compressor.

Lots of parts!


Paint!  Alternator housing

A/C compressor, rear half

The main body of the A/C compressor.  The rear half on this one (top of the photo) wasn't prepped at all, look how rough it looks compared to the pieces that were sanded and polished.

Idle control valve.

A few years supply of oil filters.  These will be two-tone, some will be teal and silver, some will be black and silver.

Charcoal canister for fuel tank vapors.  This is custom made, it has a weld seam in it about 3/4" below the fittings.

I also painted some black.  Here is the side of the engine block.


This is the third fucking time I've painted the brake booster, and it finally turned out good!  At least it looked good when I left the booth, it will probably fall on the floor tonight.

More satin black

Shift linkage mount.

A/C compressor clutch plate.

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