Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More wetsanding.  Most of these parts are primered, they are awaiting paint. 

I swapped out the rear section of the A/C compressor so I can paint it separately.  I installed a junk one with a homemade gasket.  With the old setup, I would have had to loosen the bolts after paint, which would have cracked at the seams. 

Tonight I took apart the alternator to paint it.  I attempted this a few months ago but got stuck, after some advice from my friend Dave I got it apart tonight.

Here is the part I was stuck at.  After removing the commutator and cover, you have to un-crimp the stator wiring from the rectifier and diodes. 

I clipped each one (6 total) and pried the crimp joint apart.  This will get soldered later.

Rectifier removed!

Remove the rear half with a 3-jaw puller.  Carefully, because the black piece in the center is plastic!

Remove the front half with a 2-jaw puller.

Apart!  The case is getting painted high-gloss silver, and the windings will be painted with a high-temp, insulating black paint.

Our friend Miller brought out an old Harbor Freight blasting cabinet.  I tested it out and it works, but it needs new gloves and the glass needed cleaned.

Remember that table I built for the transmission, then tore apart because I needed space?  Well I rebuilt it.  But I lost one piece so it looks stupid now.

I'm going to stop at Harbor Freight this weekend for new gloves and hoses, then it will be ready to go!

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