Monday, March 3, 2014

I messed around with my old truck this weekend.

The parking brake isn't working, so I looked up a picture in my manual.  Only one of the parts in this picture, the equalizer lever, is included with my truck.

So I fabricated my own version.  Guess which piece is original!

Nailed it.


The parking brake still didn't work, so I pulled off the rear wheels and drums to take a look.

I forgot to take a picture, but none of the parking brake parts are inside of the drum lol.  The cables are just hanging out in there! Damn.  I suppose I have some hunting to do.

I got back to the VW and started working on some shift linkage parts.  I'm still waiting on the material to finish it, but I started turning the mounting points for the rod ends.  I'm replacing all of the stock plastic ball and socket joints with rod ends and spherical bearings.

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