Monday, January 2, 2012

I got this Craftsman jack for Christmas 2002.  It has been degrading for a while, and finally quit working a few months ago.  I started to tear it down to see if there was anything I could fix.  Most of the seals and all of the shafts are grooved or torn, I don't think it's worth fixing :(

Don't adjust these. 

This part required two men, two beers, and two huge breaker bars.  We conquered it. 

This is how it sits now, it might go to the scrap heap since aluminum prices are up.

The next step is preparing the engine block for paint.  I need to wire wheel all the rust off, but the internals are still in the block, so I need to mask everything off.  Instead of using tape, I decided to make aluminum blockoff plates that I can use with a gasket to keep dust and metal chips out of the oil passages.

Template out of tape:

Cut along the dirt lines

The nice thing about using tape is that you can stick it right on your material after cutting out the shape.

After a considerable amount of filing and adjusting, it fits!  One hole needs slotted out a bit, but the shape is pretty close.

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