Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Snap-on man brought a new toy tonight!

KRL791APAW top chest, in Green Mica to match my roll cab.

The bolts go up from the bottom, you have to remove the top drawer of the roll cab to gain access. 

Warning: stickers are stupid.

After some work with the heat gun and some sticker remover, it looks clean now.
This was my old setup.  The Craftsman lower will now be the lathe toolbox, the Craftsman ball bearing 3-drawer will be filled with hardware, and the Craftsman 8-drawer top chest will get a rest after 8 years of service.

The new setup, parked in its new home.

The lock only opens the top, there is a lever inside that locks the drawers.  I thought that was interesting.

It's just about filled up, but I need to get it organzied.  I'm sure things will move around a few times.

The roommates also got a new toy.  Today was an expensive day!

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