Thursday, January 5, 2012

I think i corrected the comment settings.  Now anyone with a Gmail account should be able to post comments.  I think.  I really have no idea what the fuck I'm doing.

I figured I would start 2012 by welcoming myself into 2008!    P.S. I have a working phone again for those of you who haven't been able to call for 4 weeks.  Iphone 4s

I worked on another hammer tonight.  I ordered a new handle for this a few weeks ago, and the first one came in warped from Snap-on.  They were really helpful and sent another one right away, but the holidays slowed the shipping.

I bought this hammer on Ebay, it's an old Blue Point BF612.  It had the original handle that was in usable condition, but I decided to go for the "restomod" look to match my other hammers because I'm insane.

The handle on this one needed a lot of shaving, I think the eye is smaller in the older Blue Point heads.

Tapped the wood wedge in and ground it flush

I decided to use one steel wedge on this hammer because the fit was so tight.  Here is a comparison against a Snap-on BF618B factory assembled hammer.


Here it is next to a 1967 Snap-on BF615 hammer, resored by Hammer1963 on the garage journal forums.  The forgings are very similar, if not identical.

This will be a nice hammer for light bumping near edges, since the faces are much smaller than most fo the other hammers.

The hammer drawer spilled into a second hammer drawer with the new toolbox addition.

I bought a few plastic bins for organizing the new top chest.  This purchase was easy on the budget!

LA's Totally Awesome is totally awesome.

They really helped clean up a few of the drawers.