Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I went to visit some friends this weekend at the Ripepi Winery, you Pittsburgh guys should check them out.

I made another sealing/masking plug, this one is for the vehicle speed sensor in the trans.

I had to buy some O-rings, I wasn't sure what size so I bought -208 and -209.  I ended up using the -208 size.

All plugged up!  The vent is plugged with a rubber cork and some glue-lined heat shrink tubing, the reverse switch is plugged with a bolt and rubber washer, and the selector rod is sealed with HVAC tape.

Note: I need a new one of these, it's torn.

The next step was cleaning the trans.  It was above freezing last night, so I wheeled my table outside and pressure washed it with some Awesome.  Yes that's still snow on the ground haha.

I started sanding away the casting texture so the paint lays flat and smooth... this is the start of a loooong job.

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