Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's laundry night so I had to stay home, I decided to tackle a problem with my bedroom door.  It hasn't shut since I moved here almost 4 years ago, it hits on the top edge.  I guess during the remodel all the doors were removed and put back in random places, but mine is the only one that didn't shut. 

The problem:

I've used a dull plane once or twice with minimal success, but I had never owned one.  I bought this little Stanley block plane for $21 at Lowes, and it worked really well.  I like the plane; it's a good tool.  I'm probably going to collect these when I'm an old guy.

Great Lakes makes a good planing fluid.

Success!  I removed about 1/16" and it clears just fine. 

But of course there is some trouble...

Hinge side bottom:

Hinge side top:

Handle side bottom (not to be confused with the adjacent closet door):

And then here is the handle side top:

After all that, the door still will not latch because the jamb is so far out of plumb.  Damn.

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