Sunday, June 24, 2012

I spread some putty on a few brackets I welded a while ago.  These are brackets for the intake manifold, engine cover, and idle control valve.

This is a bulkhead where the power steering lines will come through the frame rail.  Chris D'Eramo made this a few months ago, he got the itch to weld something and came out to the shop. 

I'm going to paint half of the starter teal, so I touched up a few bad spots in the casting.

Epoxy primer - PPG DP40LF

This is a bracket for the upper intake manifold.  It's close, but needs more sanding.

I primed my engine stand posts, they will get painted teal with all of these parts.

I installed a new front main seal and intermediate shaft seal.  The crankshaft sprocket has to be removed to replace the seal, this is one of the tightest bolts on the whole car!  66 ft-lb + 90º turn

Warsteiner assembly lube

I cleaned up the front of the head casting, this is the only visible section and there were some nasty bumps in the casting.

I got the head all cleaned and masked.  It's ready for paint, I might paint it black later this week.

The valve cover and block are both scrap; I'm using them both just to mask the surfaces of the head.

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