Sunday, June 17, 2012

This weekend I worked on the car for a little bit, but the pictures will make zero sense until the next few steps are done.  I will post a big update Monday or Tuesday.

On Saturday I went to the Pittsburgh Parts-A-Rama at the Butler County Fairgrounds.  This is like a gigantic redneck swap meet for tools and car parts, almost entirely junk and rusty domestic parts.  I went with my hillbilly friend Dave, in his '94 Chevy pickup, to get the full experience.

I stopped for some Turner's Tea.

ATTN Billy:  I saw this sweet ride in the parking lot on my way in.  This is how I knew it would be a great day!!  This was one of about 10 non-pickups in the 40 acre parking lot.

I must have said "Badass!" at least 150 times Saturday.  There is no better word in the entire English language that would describe a homemade dually raper van.

I should have bought this!  6x6!!!!

PPG and DuPont?  Not at Parts-A-Rama!

Some vintage Craftsman sanders.  95% chance of electric shock with every use.  The background of this shot gives you an idea of the average sale table... a plastic kid's sandbox shovel, a Chinese screwdriver, a few rusty wrenches, an opened can of carb cleaner, and a few hubcaps. 

Then Dave spotted this gem...

Also notice his Pinto shirt.  He bought it at Old Navy for $2 because he thought it was hilarious, but at least a dozen Pinto collectors approached him.  Hilarious! 

Oh damn I needed a rollcage!!

I spotted this cool looking rat rod and went to take a closer look...


Upon closer inspection, the header was the cleanest fabrication on the whole thing!  Jesus H. Christ what a mess.

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