Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I stopped at the VW dealer to pick up a new transmission end cap.  The OEM caps have a raised VW logo, the aftermarket caps are smooth.  I like the VW logo, but I'm going to repaint both so I have a spare.

I decided to remove all the paint on the plate that goes between the engine and trans, the runs were just too bad to sand off.  Aircraft Remover is wicked shit!

Starting to bubble...

The paint just falls off!

Back to the original galvanized finish.  It took two rounds of Aircraft Remover to get all the epoxy primer off.

I hung out with my buddy Kage.  He destroyed this chair, so they brought it to the shop for him to sit on.

Racecar bunkbeds!

They changed the finish on the Harbor Freight toolboxes from wrinkle red to gloss red.  Motherfuckers.  Off-road tires sold separately.

I turned some more bolt heads.  These are for the power steering pulley and oil pan.  I turned these on my lathe to remove the letters and ridges on the surfaces, I think they look a lot better.

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