Sunday, June 3, 2012

I was in Portland, OR last week and had dinner and drinks at Prost.

This was delicious, I NEED to find it locally.

Friday night my cousin came to my shop, he needed me to change his timing belt tensioner.  I wheeled my toolbox over and used the lift; it was so much easier!  I'm so spoiled.

Three vdubs.

I needed another block to use for a weld fixture (see the warped engine mount bracket in my last post).  I was on my way to pick up a bare block, but apparently it got stolen from the guy's driveway!  I ended up with a full motor.  Thanks Brady!

It was too heavy to lift out of the truck alone, and rather than tracking down an engine hoist I just wheeled my toolbox to the truck and broke it down.  Wrenching outside, with all my tools, while sipping Turner's on a beautiful day... Life is good!


I swapped out the driveshaft flanges on my transmission.  I painted the new flanges separately but left the old ones in place to keep the trans sealed up during paint.  This one was also cut to allow paint to flow behind it.

fresh, clean flanges!

Somebody painted a gigantic dick on the road near my shop lol.

Summertime bonfire at a coworker's picnic.

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