Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dave bought a 1967 Ford pickup from his friend Ian, they're working together to make it roadworthy.  This thing is totally awesome!

Cool patina.

I think it has a Ford 390 swap, but I don't really know anything about this era of pickups.

The interior shows how simple these old trucks were.  I love it!

I finally carved up the Red Oak stump that Dave cut for me over 2 years ago.  I cut a 5" diameter, 3-5/8" radius bowl for shrinking metal.

I plunged in with a 7-1/4" circular saw, then I carved out the area with a chisel and sander.

Here is the finished stump, my custom-ground Vaughan radiused forming hammer, and two practice bowl-shaped pieces (white aluminum and bare steel).  I have a lot more practice before I can use it to make useful parts, but it's a good start!

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