Sunday, June 2, 2013

New friend!  This is Cocoa.

Woody Sr. has his bike rebuilt and running.  The bodywork is out getting painted, but the motor and airride are done.

I continued on with more rust repair.  I repaired the inner skin on the left rear corner of the car.

Then the outer skin.

Then I repaired the frame rail section with some 16ga sheet.

Then the same thing on the passenger side rear corner.

New tools!  It has been a while, I have taken a break on my tool purchases, but I made an exception for this 7/16" Snap-on torque adapter.  I'm going to use it to change some gaskets in Papa Fazz's Harley.
I didn't take a close-up "before" picture of this area because it was embarassing haha.  I ground away some old welds and replaced the gussets around my exhaust tunnel brace.  I'll leave this blurry picture here since you can't see how awful it was!

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