Sunday, June 23, 2013

I finished up the reinforcements in the rear suspension area.  I wasn't happy with the quality of my work from ~4 years ago, so I reworked some of the structure.

Next step: brushed stainless steel exhaust heat shield.

I machined a few threaded mounting bosses that it will mount to.

I made a fixture to hold them all at the right spots.

Mounts welded.

It took a few practice bends to get the shape just right...

Once I was happy with the shape of a practice piece, I transferred my pattern to the 22ga stainless steel sheet.

I practiced dimpling the sheet for the M6 button head screws, I plan to dimple all of the mounting holes.

This test was a little too close to the edge, but it turned out decent.

The first section is complete.  The entire heat shield will be 4 or 5 sections; this was the easy one!

Woody Sr. started reassembling his custom Road Glide.  He's still waiting on a few pieces from paint, but it runs!

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