Sunday, June 9, 2013

After watching eBay every day for almost 2 years, I finally found the most rare of the Snap-on body hammers: the Snap-on BF634 vertical chisel shrinking hammer!

I posted this picture on December 20, 2011:

Fast forward to today:

There are still 2-3 more hammers that I need to consider the collection 'complete,' but they are totally useless and still in production today.  I'll be keeping my eye out for cheap ones - BF610B, BF635, and BF631.

A new ride showed up at the shop... an immaculate vintage Honda CT70!

This Saturday, Dave and I went to Millerstown Pic-A-Part to look for some new doors for my Jetta.  The media blasters warped mine quite a bit, I decided I will try to replace them rather than repair the warped doors.

We found this sweet truck.

This Del Sol had a bit of bondo in the side.

I expected to leave empty-handed, but we found this beauty!  After sacrificing my undershirt and wetting it with some washer fluid from a nearby car, I wiped it down to inspect the panels for dents.

I discovered that the car had been resprayed, so I pulled the interior door panels off to make sure there were no major surprises (see the Del Sol above!). 

Looks good from outside, right?

Except for the two ~.45 caliber holes through the handle!  They were filled with seam sealer and painted over.  We found holes in the door panel and front passenger seat too. 

These two doors appeared to be free from bullet wounds and mud pits, so I brought them home.

Back at Dave's house, we found a nice Cherry hammerin' stump for our buddy Chuck.  He had a beautiful stump in his garage, and while waiting for it to season, the termites got it :(  This one will be ready for some metal forming in a few months.

I thought about taking this one to replace the Red Oak that Dave cut for me a few years back.  But we couldn't lift it.  Anybody have a 48" bar attached to a Stihl badass enough to run it?

Woody and I found this thing for sale.  New project? 

Back at the shop, I tackled some more rust repair.   The rear jack points were pretty beat up and rusted, so I plated them with another layer of 16ga steel.  I also ground and re-welded a few crap welds from a few years ago.


  1. was that jetta once white? and owned by a guy named Jesse?

  2. It was! We found the pink slip on the passenger seat, along with a roll of cash. It had about $100 grand under the hood, but I forgot to snap a pic.

  3. I have watched this evolution for quite some time now (here and Vortex) and never posted a comment. I just wanted to say.....congrats on finding the hammer! I always enjoy seeing your updates, the info, progress, and the high quality pictures you provide. I have learned many cool things from following your work. Really great stuff. Also.......I will have to try this amazing tea you rave about someday ;)