Sunday, March 23, 2014

Continuing on with my shift linkage, I made a fixture from the weighted shift link.  This piece had rubber bushings on each end, and I am replacing them with spherical bearings.

This piece is either cast or forged, and might even be cast iron.  I TIG welded some beads to fill in the part number cast into the side, and the welds cracked almost instantly.  Even though I don't consider the welds structurally sound, they're still better than bondo.

I cut off the ends, trued up the overall shape on my lathe, and made two tabs which will bolt into the spherical bearings on each adjacent piece.  I tacked it together, but I will leave the final TIG welding to Bill Lewis.

I also spent about 30 minutes replacing the plastic/steel piece in the foreground with a steel rod and rod ends.  As I was tapping the second side, I started wondering if the cold finish steel rod would sand smooth enough for paint without using any putty.  Then I remembered making a similar part a few years ago.  I couldn't remember what it was, so I checked my 'finished parts' shelf... Sure enough, I already made one of these and even painted it!  I'll paint this one black, then I'll have two choices lol.

During the welding of this piece, it moved a bit and I had to drill it out straight.  This was an interesting lathe setup!

I received the parking brake parts for my F100 from Bob's F100 in California. 

I pulled the drum brake setup apart using tools I own, but don't know how to use, and it turned out mostly OK!

I killed all of the spiders and wire brushed years of rust and dead insects away.

The adjusters were all seized up, so I had to break them loose.

I wasn't sure if I would be able to use it, but there was one parking brake link stuck inside the passenger side rear brake.  this piece was totally missing on the drivers side!

I was hoping that I could free up the rear parking brake cables with PB B'Laster and 3-in-1 oil, but I couldn't get this one loose.  It was so seized up, it started to fray before it broke loose.  I ordered a new one from LMC Truck, but unfortunately I can't finish the truck until it arrives.

I rolled the old truck back into its parking spot.  Brakes are overrated!

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