Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I bought another hammer today.  I was on the Snap-on truck and my guy had this BF632A, it was all rusted and had a 2003 date code.  He also had a new hickory handle, and made me a deal I couldn't resist on the pair!

These are only available with a fiberglass handle.  Fuck that.

The head cleaned up nice after some WD40 and Scotch Brite.

The handle eye appears to be drilled or milled rather than forged on this hammer.  The earlier hammers (BF6xx versions) are assembled as-forged and the eyes aren't cleaned or finished at all.  I have never rebuilt a newer BF6xxB hammer, this is the only BF6xxA revision I have ever seen or owned. 

The dremel grind mark is from cleaning out the remaining epoxy that was holding the handle in.

Tapped the new wood and steel wedges in.

How it should have been from the factory!

The drawer is getting a bit crowded!

I'm still looking for these three hammers to complete my collection; the BF616, BF633 curved vertical chisel, and BF634 vertical chisel shrinking hammer.  They have all been discontinued for many years, I will buy in any condition.

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