Sunday, December 18, 2011

I got a decent amount of work done this weekend!

My friend Jason stopped out to help today.

Among other things, he helped scrape the remaining sound deadener off of the exhaust tunnel.  This wasn't blasted off because I originally wanted to save it, but after the epoxy primer and stray sand it looked pretty nasty.  This will be replaced with Dynamat or something similar.

Sometime during the blasting, the drivers side rocker got dented.  I couldn't get behind it to straighten the dent, so I borrowed a stud welder and pulled it.  I threw a quick coat of Evercoat Tiger Hair to see if it was good enough and I'm pretty happy with the results.  Jason was able to snap some action shots.

This thing is pretty easy to use, it was my first time and it went pretty well.

I pulled out a little further then I needed and tapped the high spot back down a bit. 

Evercoat Tiger Hair

Roughed it down with 40 grit on the DA

It needs a little more sanding, then a coat of regular filler, but I think the shape will work.

I also bought some stencils and more clearly marked the load capacity of my AC jack.  It's the only jack in the building that actually works, so people are always tempted to use it on really heavy things.  Hopefully this prevents anyone from trying to jack up the forklift!

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