Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The patching begins.  The blasting uncovered some rust damage in the floor pan, so I decided to patch it all up.

This piece is just under the passenger side seat rail.  Most of the damage was at the seams, so I had to patch each layer then move on to the next.

Here was another spot just forward of the front passenger seat crossmember.  The rust hold was right at the seam, so I had to patch each layer.

I drilled out the spot welds first, then cut out the whole area.

I patched the upper level on this first, working from below was easier underneath the seat crossmember.
Fully welded.

I cut out a piece for the front section of the upper layer and tacked it in.
I had to make two different patches for the lower layer.


All coated in some rattle can acid etch primer (UPOL Acid #8)

At the top of the previous picture you can see some damage I patched a few years back, the one section was pretty sketchy so I reworked it a little bit.

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