Saturday, December 24, 2011

I stopped at the autobody supply store today and got some 40 grit 3" DA pads, a roll of 80 grit 6" DA pads, and a handfull of 40 grit 6" DA pads.  The 40 grit is good for shaping bondo and finishing welds.

I made another reinforcement panel for the drivers side rocker.  The front edge is already 1/8" plate, but I am extending it back for a longer jackpoint.  This is 1/8" plate, with weld-thru primer

I'm welding the bottom seam too, which will get ground smooth, this is about half done.

I ordered a few more wrench organizers, these are from Ernst.  I bought a set of SK stubby SAE wrenches and needed to reorganize my wrench drawer to get them to fit.

Wrench drawer before

Wrench drawer after

I also moved the most used wrenches toward the front of the drawer, with the old layout the stuff I used the most was all the way at the back.

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