Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I got the car back from the media blasters the week after H2O.  I was pretty pissed off the day I picked it up, the owner of Rocky Mountain was kind of a dick and there were a few trouble spots.  Not to mention the cost was 25% higher than the quote :(  A few weeks later, I'm really happy I had it done.  Clean and smooth, inside and out!  Next order of business: fix the rust holes the blasting uncovered.

Back on the jackstands.

Even the insides of the fenders are perfect!

Here is some of the damage I mentioned earlier, after a quick guide coat and blocking.  The C pillar warped a bit.  The low spots are only about 1/16" at the deepest, but the panel has lost its stiffness.  I think it needs shrunk a bit, but I'm not real sure what the hell to do here.

The driver side rocker panel extension also buckled, this is really hard to capture on film but it all needs redone.  And reinforced so it doesn't bend again!  (the little dimple is OEM, that's not the buckled spot)

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